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Acupuncture is more than two thousand years old and is rooted in Classical Chinese Medicine. It has stood the test of time and is used in this day and age to effectively treat illness and disease. As well as symptom management, acupuncture works to bring someone who is unwell back to a more balanced state of health.

Symptoms that appear in us are signs that the body has gone out of balance or alignment. This means that we have been living a lifestyle that has resulted in too much stress be it emotional or physical, and are now faced with the difficulties of physical and emotional strain.

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, views the body and mind as a fully integrated and connected system made up of channels otherwise known as meridians. These meridians help govern the health and function of the systems in the body including respiratory, digestive, neurological, musculo-skeletal, epidermal, immunological, urinary/kidney, hormonal and biliary systems.


When one of these systems is out of balance, these meridians can be used by inserting fine needles into acupuncture points that exist along the channel to help bring change and balance to the affected system. The body has a remarkable capability of self-healing and by promoting the correct circulation and communication between the systems of the body, it is then free to repair and heal itself.

Why one or more of these systems may be imbalanced in someone depends on a number of reasons including lifestyle habits/choices, having emotional imbalances, being susceptible to environmental factors (including bacterial/viral pathogens) or constitutional/inherited factors.

The experienced practitioner uses a variety of diagnostic techniques including the pulse, tongue and body to determine which aspects are out of balance and in need of treatment.

How can it help me?

As acupuncture works holistically with the body and mind, whether your condition is of an emotional or physical manifestation, or whether it of a chronic or acute nature, acupuncture can help by promoting the correct flow of communication enabling the self-healing potential of the body.

It is said that 90% of illness is caused by stresses in life including diet, lifestyle, emotional life, family, work, relationships, environmental factors etc. When the body is in a state of stress it is unable to fully enter into a regenerative state which means that symptoms can appear and get worse. As stress is such a common condition, a lot of people live with too much stress and are prone to disharmony in the body and mind.

By assisting the flow and communication of the body, acupuncture helps it to enter into a state of repair and works to correct what has gone wrong which has inhibited someone from leading their life to a greater potential.

Acupuncture also treats people who are healthy and in balance. This is done in a preventative way to keep the body and mind resilient from falling under the pressures of life and stress. Often people come in for seasonal or bi-monthly visits to make sure they're well and in-check. This is testament to the holistic and balancing effect of acupuncture on the body, and its ability to determine which aspects of a person are moving out of sync.

The Symptoms & The Root Cause

In Chinese Medicine and acupuncture the presenting symptoms of a patient are seen as manifested signs of a deeper problem known as the root of the condition/s. The root of a problem can vary widely with many manifested symptoms.


As an example, someone may present with lower back pain, arthritic knees and trouble with falling asleep. In Chinese Medicine the root of this condition would point to a deficiency or weakness of the kidney qi, also known as the water element. This means that the lower back pain, sleep problems and arthritic knees are all the presentation or manifestation of a deeper imbalance. By strengthening the kidney qi with acupuncture, in time the kidney qi will improve and symptoms can disappear.

In this way acupuncture attempts to address more than just the symptoms by penetrating deeper to the core of the problem/s. This is testament to it being a holistic medicine viewing each person as an individual and therefore treating everyone uniquely. By working on the root of someones problems, not only can symptoms be treated but that person can feel more balanced and aligned in general.