Harry Freedman graduated with a First class BSc Honours degree from The International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM). Here he completed a 3 year intensive course covering both Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine/acupuncture. Harry is a trusted member of The British Acupuncture Council - the main governing body for acupuncturists across the country.

In his practice, Harry's main focus of treatment with his patients are in the areas of mental health including anxiety, stress and sleep disorders. However owing to the holistic and whole-body approach of acupuncture, many conditions are treatable and Harry is always supporting individuals with a variety of differing health conditions including pain, fertility issues, menopause, digestive complaints, skin conditions, migraines, urinary problems etc.

Harry has been treating for five years and has successfully supported patients who have suffered with sleep, anxiety and stress disorders. Often these symptoms come with a variety of other conditions including digestive disorders, migraines, muscular/neurological pain (back, neck, shoulder, head etc.), allergies and auto-immune problems (asthma, psoriasis, eczema, ulcerative colitis etc.) all of which are supported through receiving acupuncture treatment.

Harry uses a gentle approach to treatment and makes it his priority that patients are heard, understood and feel safe and supported. His clinics are a place where you can come in, relax and receive treatments to support you in your day to day struggles and grievances.

Having suffered with anxiety and chronic stress in the past, Harry understands the weight and burden that these feelings have upon us. After working on and healing these past issues, it is Harry's mission through the use of acupuncture therapy to help guide patients back to a healthy sense of self where they are able to more easily engage with and enjoy life.


Harry was born in Cape Town South Africa and has lived in England since he was eleven. He has now settled in Forest Row with his partner. They love hiking, being outdoors in nature, surfing in Cornwall, growing food, cooking and meditation.


"I'm so glad that I found acupuncture and Chinese Medicine as a way to help others. It has the most amazing way of seeing the world and human beings and brings it all together in a holistic way which I fully resonate with. For years I've seen it work its magic in clinic and it brings me such meaning and fulfilment to support patients to a better place within themselves both physically and mentally. I very much look forward to meeting you and working together to help achieve a more healthy and vital You!"

Harry Freedman