Acupuncturist Harry Freedman lives in Forest Row and treats from two clinics. Originally from South Africa and after attending secondary school in England Harry embarked upon some years of travel and study before discovering a passion and joy in Chinese Philosophy and Medicine. It was in India where he first came upon acupuncture and some years later pursued study in the oldest acupuncture college in England based in East Grinstead known as ICOM or The International College of Oriental medicine.


Harry graduated from ICOM with a First-Class Honors degree and has been treating patients from there for 5 years. He also spent time treating from a clinic in the city and now treats from a clinic in his local village called The Forest Row Osteopath Clinic.


With over 10 years experience in the subject of health, it is Harry's intention to provide a safe and supportive clinic space where patients can come for treatment of many conditions ranging from physical complaints, psycho-emotional imbalance and general maintenance/preventative treatment.

A way of living...

There are many ways and philosophy's for living life and the ancient Daoists (pioneers of Chinese Medicine and acupunture) have a simple one which goes something like this; when we are able to connect to who we are and what we are about, we can then meet the world from a place of health and authenticity.


This is living in a state of relative peace, connection and harmony. When illness is present, this quality of peace within is lost. With the use of acupuncture, Harry aims to support his patients in the way of helping them to discover a closer relationship to this quality of harmony within and through this find relief from physical or psycho-emotional disharmony.