Elemental Acupuncture was started by acupuncturist Harry Freedman as a means to promote his services and treatment in classical acupuncture. The word elemental describes the roots of acupuncture in the five elements observed by Chinese Medicine and philosophy as the five primary movements of qi or energy throughout the universe. These are archetypal forces or qualities in which life moves into and out of existence. Wood rises, fire expands and fills, metal contracts and water sinks only to give birth once more to wood. Earth sits as a pivot and place of transformation for these other four qualities to manifest.


Harry graduated from The International College of Oriental Medicine (ICOM) and has been practising from there since 2017. He finds much value in working closely with patients helping to guide them on their journey towards increased health and wellness. It is Harry's intention to create a safe, supportive and non-judgemental clinic environment where healing can take place. Harry works closely with content from the Classical Medical and philosophical texts of ancient China and uses these profound concepts and understandings in his treatments. His first encounter with acupuncture was in the Holy town of Pushkar India in conversation with a lady who was out there to study. From this point on the seed was sewn.


Harry has been engaged in health and wellness for many years experimenting with diet, meditation, affirmation and various other techniques in his search for greater balance and happiness. He first discovered acupuncture in his travels in India and not long after pursued this discovery by receiving treatment at ICOM in East Grinstead. Harry immediately fell in love with acupuncture and the philosophy of Chinese Medicine and began studying soon after at ICOM's esteemed college. Since then his life has been completely transformed and immersed in the views and philosophy's' of the ancient sages and practitioners of China and his quest for health, longevity and happiness continues to grow and expand. Harry takes much joy in being able to share the knowledge he has acquired and use the tools of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to help others on their journeys trough life.