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Best I've felt mentally in 12 years. Harry's treatments calm down my anxiety and help my sleep immensely. Swelling in my ankles have also gone down a lot. Also get relief from my constipation. Thanks harry.


East Grinstead

Harry's skilled treatments have helped me enormously with my menopausal symptoms (insomnia, jittery nerves, overwhelm, fatigue) and a mystery kidney twinge. I have been sleeping well (nothing short of a miracle) and feeling much brighter generally, and there has not been a peep from the kidney since the first treatment. Harry is very meticulous about pulse-readings and I feel that he has excellent judgement about exactly where to put the needles to open the energy channels. He is also a very empathetic listener and he has shared fascinating insights about Chinese Medicine. I will be going for regular MOT's and have been recommending Harry to others.


Forest Row

I lived with migraines for a long time and shoulder trouble. Harry's treatments have really helped and made life more liveable. I'm so glad I gave acupuncture a try otherwise I would still be stuck with that pain! Thanks Harry. 



Harry's treatments have been absolutely fantastic. Living with anxiety and feeling detached from my body I have been trying to find out how to get back in touch with it. After a few sessions with Harry I can feel my chest so much more, my breathing has improved and I have better access to my shoulders and arms. I am amazed at how much my body is speaking to me and releasing bit by bit back to equilibrium.


South Fields

Harry's acupuncture has had an amazing impact on my husband for his numerous ailments. Harry was quick to identify the treatment my husband needed and obviously is highly skilled due to the impact the treatment has had on him already. Harry shows wonderful empathy and ensures a calming atmosphere throughout the sessions.

Ian and Lesley

East Grinstead

I have been going to acupuncture for more than a year, more for preventative maintenance than anything specific. During the course of our sessions, he has identified conditions that need treating and has done so very effectively. What I particularly appreciate is the way that he treats me as an equal and explains everything as we go along, answering any questions that I may have.

Visits to Harry are something to look forward to - particularly during this pandemic. As a consultant myself, I admire and respect his 'bedside manner', not to mention his well-developed sense of humour!! If acupuncture ever needed an ambassador, he would be the ideal choice.


East Grinstead

My sessions with Harry literally restore peace each and everytime! If I'm feeling crapola I know once Harry treats me I'll be feeling myself again. It's absolutely fascinating when my pulse is read and I get an explanation on what's going on in my body and my life!



I am having treatments with Harry of Elemental Acupuncture that have left me feeling so much better in myself, sleeping better which has always been a problem for me and even getting my creative spark back slowly. Thanks so much Harry.



I had 2 sessions with Harry for my shoulder which has been giving me issues for over 4 years. After the first treatment I had complete movement of my shoulder again and the simple things I used to do that would cause pain were gone. I would still do things expecting the pain to occur, but it just didn't. Harry treats more than just pain and muscle fatigue. He treats you on an different level and it is such a great experience dealing with someone who has an understanding of the mind, body and spirit.


Forest Row

I've always had issues with sleeping, mainly because of stress. I hadn't tried acupuncture before so I was a bit hesitant. But Harry put me at ease straight away, he has a real way of making me feel comfortable and informed all the way through the session. My sleep started improving after three sessions, and now I go every week.He's improved my sleep, reduced my stress and made me feel a lot better. He's even treating a few friends now too!



I have been receiving acupunctue from Harry for the past 6 months or so.  During this time, there has been an improvement in my symptoms and overall sense of wellbeing.  I find Harry approachable and a good listener and would recommend him to my family and friends.


East Grinstead

Harry has an outstanding ability to make you feel safe heard and present. His treatments have brought me into myself, they've aided my mental spiritual and physical growth and healing. Not only has Harry helped my health through acupuncture but through sound advice as well, which compliments and supports a lifestyle designed around becoming your optimum self. My self awareness of health has quadropooled as has my energy and vibrancy. I can't thank you enough. I highly recommend Harry and his holistic approach.


East Grinstead

Harry is a gem. He's so attuned, and very capable. He's grounded, and listens deeply to what's going on. He's able to integrate the whole picture of a situation and find the best treatment. He has a relaxed confidence, and is great with needles.


Forest Row

The session I had with Harry opened me up to the deep and holistic insights acupuncture could offer me. It was my first time experiencing acupuncture and after my initial nervousness, Harry's approach reassured me and I was left with a deep sense of calm and numerous insights into aspects of my life which went far beyond the initial physical symptoms I had come with. I really appreciated Harry taking the time to explain and connect some of the complex philosophical underpinnings of acupuncture into his session with me, it really resonated with how i was feeling and has left me eager to learn more about it.


Elephant and Castle

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