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An ancient holistic Medicine for modern Health and Well-being


How does Acupuncture work?

In Chinese Medicine, the body is divided up into channels known as meridians. There are 14 of them which cover our whole body from head to foot. Each meridian represents a different functioning system e.g. respiratory or digestive. These channels relate to all systems and aspects of who we are from the physical to the psycho-emotional

When we have symptoms or feel unwell, then one or more of these channels are out of balance. For example, chronic stress and anxiety can relate to the adrenal aspects of the kidneys, the nervous system (often heightened sympathetic arousal) and the cardiovascular system. These systems of the body relate to the heart, spleen, liver and kidney channels and it is very likely that these will be out of balance and in need of treatment.

Fine needles are gently inserted into acupuncture points that run along each channel. This has a stimulating effect on the specific channel and works to correct the flow or rhythm of that channel. In this way the related system can begin to come back into alignment and balance.

How would I feel if all parts of me were in balance?

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It's normal in life to have some stress, to feel unwell at times, to need to get away from people and our day to day routine. It's also normal to have challenges and struggles that help us to grow as individuals.

Conditions such as anxiety, chronic stress, depression and insomnia develop when we have lost touch with ourselves. In Chinese Medicine, symptoms such as these are seen as signs from our bodily intelligence that we are out of alignment. They are messages that if we listen, we can discover our way back to our healthy selves. Acupuncture treats and supports this process.

When we are balanced and well, we are able to know ourselves, what we need and where we're going. We can face and be with our feelings, emotions and thoughts. We can go out and meet the world from an authentic self. The more our meridians are in balance, the more these qualities shine through.

What science has discovered about Acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a therapy which is thousands of years old. It belongs to a completely different view of the world which is rooted in Chinese Philosophy. Due to acupuncture's effective influence on a large variety of conditions, a lot of scientific research has been undertaken to understand what acupuncture is doing within the body. Below are some of the discoveries. 

MRI readings illustrate how acupuncture effects and makes changes within the brain

It is eases and reduces inflammation found through thermal imaging

The all encompassing connective tissue known as fascia is stimulated carrying electrical conductive signals throughout our bodies

Acupuncture enhances blood flow and circulation found through ultrasound

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