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Suffering with anxiety? Feeling stressed? Having trouble with sleep? Struggling with pain?
Acupuncture can Help

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Acupuncture treats and supports the body and mind by helping to restore balance and alignment to the parts within us that have gone out of sync.

Owing to the holistic nature of Chinese Medicine, each patient is seen as a unique individual and treatments support symptoms as well as the underlying root causes.

This leads to an overall healthier and more balanced state of being.

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Supported by Modern Science

There is a constant stream of supporting evidence which shows that acupuncture assists in the treatment of many conditions including alleviating anxiety, the reduction of stress and the support and relief from insomnia/sleep issues.

Below are some related articles on acupuncture for these conditions:

Harry, a trusted member of The British Acupuncture Council, has been treating patients for over 7 years. His main focus in treatment is helping people with the debilitating conditions of anxiety, insomnia and chronic stress however Harry has treated many patients with a variety of conditions including pain, digestive complaints, urinary problems, skin conditions, migraines, fertility and more.


Having transformed and healed his past chronic stress and anxiety, Harry feels it is his mission to help and support others through their challenges using the healing approach of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. 

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Harry, Acupuncturist

Included in Treatment
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Personalised Treatment

Every treatment is uniquely catered to the individual. Who we are and how we have got to where we are is completely unique to us. Why certain symptoms have come up in our lives are mostly based on our past experiences and our current lifestyle.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Constitutional Acupuncture

Constitutional acupuncture focuses on bringing an individual back to a more healthy version of themselves. Treatments work to alleviate symptoms and support the underlying causes of why we have ended up unwell and unbalanced in the first place.

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A Safe Space
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Lifestyle Advice

A safe place for patients to relax and unwind while being supported back to health and balance with acupuncture treatment. This is a space where you will be heard and understood, free to be yourself away from the stresses of life.

Lifestyle plays a pivotal role in health. Lifestyle advice is offered as part of treatment to help guide the process of healing. Advice is based on each individual patients needs according to where they are in themselves.

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Best I've felt mentally in 12 years. Harry's treatments calm down my anxiety and help my sleep immensely. Swelling in my ankles have also gone down a lot. Also get relief from my constipation. Thanks harry.


—  Julie, East Grinstead


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