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An ancient holistic medicine for modern health and well-being



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Acupuncture works to restore bodily intelligence which when lost is the precursor to disease and illness.

"Harry treats more than just pain and muscle fatigue. He treats you on a different level and it is such a great experience dealing with someone who has an understanding of the mind, body and spirit."

Jason, Patient

There are hundreds of acupuncture points throughout the body that can be used to bring back health and balance.

Acupuncture is a holistic medicine that looks at the body and mind as a whole integrated system.

A thorough consultation takes place in the first treatment along with in depth pulse diagnosis 

Chinese Medicine and philosophy extend back thousands of years forming a rich view of the world and body.


When the 'Root' cause is treated, symptoms are supported as well as the overall health of our patients owing to the holistic nature of acupuncture.

Acupuncture is recognised to treat and support many conditions both physical and psycho-emotional.

What is known as the 'Root' cause in acupuncture is the underlying pattern giving rise to one or a number of symptoms. 

Acupuncture sees the body divided into channels/meridians that govern functions both physical and psycho-emotional.

What we Provide...
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Personalised Treatment

Every treatment is uniquely catered to the individual due to the holistic nature of acupuncture. Constitution, upbringing, environment, genetics, symptoms, gender and personality are all important factors that make us who we are. considering all of this information is key to determining the correct treatment for each patient.

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Classical Style Acupuncture

Classical acupuncture consists of ancient theory and philosophy including Five Elements and Stems & Branches acupuncture. These are thorough and advanced systems that provide a clearer and deeper understanding of each patient.

A Safe Space

We provide a safe clinical environment for patients on their journey to health. This is a place to relax and be at ease with yourself.

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Lifestyle Advice

Lifestyle plays a pivotal role in health. We offer lifestyle advice as part of treatment to help guide the process of healing. Advice is based on each individual patients needs according to where they are in themselves.

Harry has been treating patients for over 5 years. Living life in balance from a place of health and vitality is one of his main goals in life and it is his aim to provide healthcare and treatment to those seeking wellness and wholeness.


"The healing journey is by no means easy, particularly if we have been living with chronic conditions. We do however have the choice to make a start. There are many modalities of treatment and acupuncture is one that effectively works to begin restoring health and balance. Acupuncture can help you make that start."

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Harry, Acupuncturist

Friends On A Walk

"I have been receiving acupunctue from Harry for the past 6 months or so.  During this time, there has been an improvement in my symptoms and overall sense of wellbeing.  I find Harry approachable and a good listener and would recommend him to my family and friends."



—  Nicola, Patient

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