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These blogs are based on my own reflections and interpretations of what I have learned thus far from sources including teachers, books, websites, conversations, seminars, CPD's etc. All of the information I have included has been to the best of my ability based on Chinese Medicine/philosophy in order to share what I have learned and in order to create a journal of my experiences/understandings through the medium of blogging. Nothing here is set in stone or objectively true as in accordance with Western science but is more in line with the world view of Daoism, Chinese philosophy and acupuncture.

Sleep and energy

It is nothing new to remark that a good nights sleep brings us back to a better level of energy. Chinese philosophy has a very nice way of looking at sleep and understanding it in a way more in line with the seasons. As night approaches it as if winter is coming. Winter is the stage of hibernation where everything slows down and hides away for the great cold to pass. This is a dark and difficult time and going against it can weaken us. It is more difficult for the body to muster up energy in this season than it is say compared to summer where vitality is ripe. In Daoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy describes this winter phase as the gathering of energy. This energy is gathered and stored a

A quick look at yin and yang

Yin and Yang is a concept that underpins the ancient Chinese Philosophy of Daoism. They can be seen as polar opposites however each is integral to the others existence. Without one the other would cease to be. To understand this it can be helpful to think of hot and cold. Without hot, we would not know or be able to conceive of what cold is and vise versa. Our realities are governed by this simple yet all-encompassing concept. Other examples of Yin and Yang are dark/light, inside/outside, valley/mountain, hard/soft, male/female, sun/moon, high/low, far/near and so on. Through this model or lens we can begin to differentiate existence into cycles and formulate a story of ourselves within an e

Understanding Stress

We all know what it feels like to be stressed. A feeling of wearing thin, overwhelm and a sense of overdrive and exertion without the vitality to support it. In Western Medicine, there are two fundamental states that we can be in at any given moment. Like a binary or yin yang pair, either the sympathetic nervous system or the parasympathetic nervous system are activated. The sympathetic nervous system is that which governs fight, fright, flight with the adrenalised potential to escape life threatening situations whereas the parasympathetic nervous system is what governs repair, rest, rejuvenation and calmness. Stress is directly linked to the sympathetic nervous system and therefore whenever

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