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These blogs are based on my own reflections and interpretations of what I have learned thus far from sources including teachers, books, websites, conversations, seminars, CPD's etc. All of the information I have included has been to the best of my ability based on Chinese Medicine/philosophy in order to share what I have learned and in order to create a journal of my experiences/understandings through the medium of blogging. Nothing here is set in stone or objectively true as in accordance with Western science but is more in line with the world view of Daoism, Chinese philosophy and acupuncture.

Letting Go

Letting go is an important part of life. The ancient Chinese philosophers compared this action to the season of autumn where the sun energy is declining and everything is preparing itself for the cold depths and icy stillness of the approaching winter. Leaves are shed, acorns are collected and fields are ploughed in preparation for the sowing season. Just as this happens outside in the world, there is an aspect inside of us, inside of everyone which is stronger in some and less immediate in others. It is the shedding and cutting away of anything or anyone that is not necessary or helpful to our well-being. This quality pervades our being and all aspects of life. It is the grieving and lettin

Movement Motion

Upon waking from a deep night's sleep, we enter the world. That which pulls us out of bed are our tendons, ligaments and muscles working in unison to place us in the direction of our next journey. Our thoughts, emotions and desires deliver impetus and momentum, intimately linked to how we find our way through our lives. Looking around we see movement everywhere. Inside of us, outside of us. Trees dig their roots ever deeper and stretch ever taller. There is a sense of change and motion to the state of all things. Like the pool that becomes stagnant through lack of movement, so too do we lose our clarity and flow that works to help us find our potential and realise our destiny. To avoid stagn

Autumn Approaching

As the last of the warm days make their final bow, we are reminded that it is time to slow down and prepare for the winter ahead. The seasons are mirrors of how to live in harmony with nature and therefore to follow the season of autumn means to take thought, to introspect on the enjoyments and abundance of the summer just gone, and to begin calming down our activities so that we can store our life force for the spring that lies dormant a little way off. An exercise I find helpful for bringing my energy to a calm and rested state is to sit for ten minutes each day while focusing my attention below my navel and breathing fully and peacefully into this area. Regular practise helps to strengthe

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