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Getting on top of your health, not letting your health get on top of you

It is common these days to use or hear the word 'balance'. Whether talking about diet, work routine, play, sleep or any other aspects in life that require moderation and awareness so as not to get too out of control, 'balance' has worked its way into everyday speak.

And it is a great thing that this is the case. These days, in times of such consumption, poverty, extinction, climate crisis, political discomfort and sheer speed of living, it is a wondrous thing that 'balance' is referred to and considered.

I suppose that somewhere deep inside of us is the knowledge and the wisdom of how to live in a way that promotes health. Getting in touch with this aspect of the self is difficult when we live life so actively. And it is certainly difficult when there are so many external influences that sway and confuse us.

The years that I have spent studying, contemplating and practising Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine has given me the tools to understand at a deep level what it means to be 'balanced'.

What would seem flowery and poetic at first, would come to give deep meaning in the end.

The ancient Chinese saw the Heart as the seat of the emperors throne, the chamber where universal spirit/consciousness becomes our own consciousness. It belongs to the fire element, and fire in Chinese thought is that which makes contact. Contact with people, with experiences, with life. It is a yang energy, a flamboyant and moving energy that brings joy, dance, playfulness, laughter and the ability to connect with other people.

But what is important about this Heart is that it must be in contact with and rooted into the deeper aspects of the body known as the jing which is stored in the kidneys. This is our root, our grounding energy. It is the blueprint from our ancestors and from the universe that is the foundation of our matter, our physicality.

The utmost essential aspect of 'balance', beyond the myriad of factors that help to account for it, is that these two energies, the heart consciousness and the root of our being the jing, have to be strong and in communication for us to be aligned with who we came into this world to be.

Unfortunately, living in this world has its distractions and living in this day and age is certainly an age of activity. Lights, screens, cars, engines, sugar, coffee, stimulants, celebrities, the web, social media and countless other inventions built to keep us wired and engaged. This, if you remember correctly, resonates strongly with the energy of fire, or yang. Living in this way has a constant strain on the heart energy as it calls for it to be active a lot of the time with very little rest or returning inward. This type of living is what splits the connection between the heart consciousness and the physicality of our being (jing). If we fail to look inward, and don't allow our heart to connect with our root, we can begin to see such symptoms as hyperactivity, restlessness, anxiety, depression, frustration, mania and various other symptoms.

For 'balance' to be expressed in our lives, it is of most importance for us first to go inward and to get in touch with the deepest aspects of our self. This is living calmly, living presently and seeking greater awareness. This is resting and feeling the comfort of our own body that acts as a container for our spirit or consciousness. When these two energies, the heart consciousness and the physicality (jing) are strong and in communication, you will notice the feeling of alignment and you will feel your purpose and calling.

Acupuncture belongs to this philosophy of Chinese Medicine. It is a powerful tool that can be used to help someone feel more aligned with themselves. It is more than just a medicine that treats symptoms. It is a medicine that can help someone to become aware of themselves and to help them find their potential in life.

My name is Harry and I practise Acupuncture in Croydon and East Grinstead and I also do Home Visits. See my website for more information

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