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These blogs are based on my own reflections and interpretations of what I have learned thus far from sources including teachers, books, websites, conversations, seminars, CPD's etc. All of the information I have included has been to the best of my ability based on Chinese Medicine/philosophy in order to share what I have learned and in order to create a journal of my experiences/understandings through the medium of blogging. Nothing here is set in stone or objectively true as in accordance with Western science but is more in line with the world view of Daoism, Chinese philosophy and acupuncture.

Keeping the Mind in the Body

This is a bit of an extension on my recent blog post about Staying Present but I feel it might be helpful information and of some value to some. Recently I've been trying to practise this more and more and that is bringing my conscious concentration or focus into my body as often as I can. This is an age old practise related to meditation and other schools of thought like yoga, tai, qi gong etc. A lot of the time in our waking lives our focus is centered around the head/mind/brain area. Whether it's thinking, reading of focusing on what's going on around us, our energy or activity is raised up. Unfortunately this is a very common and easy way to be as we're so absorbed in the consumption of

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