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These blogs are based on my own reflections and interpretations of what I have learned thus far from sources including teachers, books, websites, conversations, seminars, CPD's etc. All of the information I have included has been to the best of my ability based on Chinese Medicine/philosophy in order to share what I have learned and in order to create a journal of my experiences/understandings through the medium of blogging. Nothing here is set in stone or objectively true as in accordance with Western science but is more in line with the world view of Daoism, Chinese philosophy and acupuncture.

Staying Present

What can be challenging this day and age is staying present. When we're present, it means we are not thinking about the future or the past, and we are not overcome by perpetual intense emotion. Rather we are right here in this moment, present, aware and our life is unfolding as everything else unfolds around us. Being in the present moment provides us with a certain stability and calm. It allows us to really see what is around us and respond properly to the moment without the mind getting involved in too much of an active way. If we are able to be present in most situations then we can start to master our minds and our emotions as we can begin to see what the mechanisms are that take us out

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