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Autumn Approaching

As the last of the warm days make their final bow, we are reminded that it is time to slow down and prepare for the winter ahead. The seasons are mirrors of how to live in harmony with nature and therefore to follow the season of autumn means to take thought, to introspect on the enjoyments and abundance of the summer just gone, and to begin calming down our activities so that we can store our life force for the spring that lies dormant a little way off.

An exercise I find helpful for bringing my energy to a calm and rested state is to sit for ten minutes each day while focusing my attention below my navel and breathing fully and peacefully into this area. Regular practise helps to strengthen my root and helps me to build a stronger connection with myself and the world.

You are most welcome to book an appointment in my acupuncture clinics which are based in East Grinstead and Croydon. The wonderful drawings/paintings that will be featured on this blog are created by my beautiful partner Megan Fitter.

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