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Movement Motion

Upon waking from a deep night's sleep, we enter the world. That which pulls us out of bed are our tendons, ligaments and muscles working in unison to place us in the direction of our next journey. Our thoughts, emotions and desires deliver impetus and momentum, intimately linked to how we find our way through our lives.

Looking around we see movement everywhere. Inside of us, outside of us. Trees dig their roots ever deeper and stretch ever taller. There is a sense of change and motion to the state of all things. Like the pool that becomes stagnant through lack of movement, so too do we lose our clarity and flow that works to help us find our potential and realise our destiny. To avoid stagnation, we can cast ourselves into motion.

I walk, run, dance, climb, surf and play regularly so as to connect with my body and my flow. Through the simple act of moving, I come to my centre and the present moment, and feel the impulse of mystery echoing its cadence.

The wonderful drawings/paintings that are featured on this blog are created by my beautiful partner Megan Fitter.

Elemental Acupuncture practises from two clinics located in Croydon and East Grinstead.

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