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Letting Go

Letting go is an important part of life. The ancient Chinese philosophers compared this action to the season of autumn where the sun energy is declining and everything is preparing itself for the cold depths and icy stillness of the approaching winter. Leaves are shed, acorns are collected and fields are ploughed in preparation for the sowing season.

Just as this happens outside in the world, there is an aspect inside of us, inside of everyone which is stronger in some and less immediate in others. It is the shedding and cutting away of anything or anyone that is not necessary or helpful to our well-being.

This quality pervades our being and all aspects of life. It is the grieving and letting go of a loved one just passed. It is the walking away from a relationship that has become harmful or destructive. It is the voice inside of us that says 'No' to a certain situation. It is the wisdom learned, acting out as our guide and giving us the virtue to choose what we feel is correct and in line with our selves.

That which governs our survival and forms boundaries between us and the world is the autumn within us, the season that creates limitation and asks life to come back inside to rest and hibernate so that the uprising and alertness of spring may take place unhindered.

The wonderful drawings/paintings that are featured on this blog are created by my beautiful partner Megan Fitter.

Elemental Acupuncture practises from two clinics located in Croydon and East Grinstead.

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