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Dao Space

Deep within is the capacity to see beyond the 'I' or 'You', beyond the separation. A place of no ideas. A place of nothing.

An ancient people named this space Dao. And they were aware that in their attempts to name it, they lost it. To apply thought to it was to dissolve it. To seek it was to chase one's tail. Nevertheless, it is considered the start, the between, and the end.

It evokes feelings of fear; what am 'I', who is this 'self' if no boundaries exist? It also awakens feelings of reverence as it reveals unification with all things. It is known to be the primordial source responsible for the expansion of life.

Appreciation of it can calm the ego. Fear of it can inflate the ego. Living between the individual self and the universal self can warrant a balanced life.

One way to get closer to this Dao is to go inward and meditate.

The wondrous art work embelishing these blog posts are created by my lovely partner Megan Fitter.

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